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Passive Fire Products

Thermachek – Fire Pillows

Thermachek fire pillows are manufactured using fire rated material enclosed in a cloth envelope. The pillows are designed to be used to either seal holes, or seal seal penetrations where services pass through fire rated walls and floors.

Used in conjunction with fire rated sealant, the fire pillows will maintain the integrity of the wall or floor, with an FRL of up to -/180/180, and they comply with AS1530.4-1997.

.The advantages of the pillows are,

  • Allows for opening and re opening of penetrations.
  • Non toxic
  • Easy to carry, transport and store
  • Low cost solution to maintain fire wall or floor integrity.

Where a penetration is made in a fire wall or floor, Clause C3.15 of NCC requires a tested solution to seal the penetration, and it must have the same FRL as the structure it penetrates. If the wall/floor  is 120/120/120, the tested sealing method must achieve  -/120/120.

In the past, the insulation criteria for penetrations has been waived. Recently, especially in NSW and QLD, the insulation criteria is now required in most installations.

Thermachek fire pillows have achieved 180 minutes insulation, using heat shields around the penetrating elements. Without heat shielding, the FRL of the pillows when tested in to AS1530.4 in 2016 is as follows.

  • Communication cables -/120/60
  • Electrical cables. -/120/30


Thermachek fire pillows can be used to seal penetrations in masonry or block walls, 400mm high x any practical length. In floors, the maximum width of the opening is again 400mm by any practical length. Max FRL -/180/180 or -/180/0

In fire rated stud walls, the maximum height of the opening is 400mm, and the maximum width is 600mm. Openings must be from stud to stud, and noggins fitted top and bottom of the openings. Max FRL -/120/120 or -/120/0


The pillows should be stacked tightly in the direction of the least span, up to 400mm, and restrained on the sides by wall or floor section. Working from one side of the opening, additional pillows should be tightly stacked in the same direction, against the pillows already installed, till the opening is fully sealed. The appropriate size pillows should be packed around the various cables etc, and fire rated sealant used to a depth of 25mm to seal any gaps or voids around the pillows or penetrating  elements. The pillow sizes and stacking method will vary depending on the shape and size of the opening, and the services passing through it.


Sealant is required between the pillows and the edges of the opening, but not between the pillows themselves. MFD use Lorient sealant, but any sealant tested to AS1530.4 can be used.

Passive Fire Products
Passive Fire Products

Thermachek fire pillows are manufactured and packed in the following sizes and quantities.

SmallP4-1200 x 100 x 20 (125 per carton)
MediumP4-2200 x 200 x 40(50 per carton)
LargeP4-3300 x 200 x 40 (30 per carton)

Pillows can be purchased in carton lots or smaller quantities if necessary.



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