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Smoke Doors

The Australian standard for Smoke Doors is AS6905-2007, but it is not called up under Specification A1.3.1 Schedule of referenced documents, in the BCA. Instead, they are a deemed to comply item under Specification C3.4 clause 3.1

Smoke doors must be constructed so that smoke will not pass from one side of the doorway to the other, and must be capable of withstanding smoke at 200 deg C for 30 minutes.

Solid core doors, at least 35mm thick, fitted with seals satisfy the above.  Leaves are normally in the closed position, or they are closed automatically with the automatic closing operation initiated by smoke detectors installed in accordance with AS1670.1, located on each side of the doorway, not more than 1.5 metres horizontal distance from the doorway.

Unless held open with electromagnets, smoke doors must return to the fully closed position after each manual opening.

Unlike fire doors, there is no requirement for smoke doors to be self latching.

Melbourne Fire Doors can manufacture and install smoke doors, complete with door hardware and fully compliant smoke seals. The seals used can be from either  Kilargo, Lorient or Raven, depending on customers preference.

Doors can be finished with various facings, EG: hardboard sheet, paint quality ply, fancy veneers or metal sheeting. Vision panels, kick plates, push plates can also be supplied and fitted.

Supplying and installing electromagnetic hold open devices  is not done by MFD, but we can work closely with other contractors to ensure installation of doors is trouble free.


Smoke doors can also be Aluminium and glass doors, fitted with the correct seals, but MFD do not manufacture them.



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